The gate is open

So, this is it again. I am very nervous, but still nervous in a very good way. I feel alive, and I guess that’s the hook what keeps me going abroad every year. My senses become sharper and start to believe in myself that I can do anything when I’m traveling alone.

But dealing with those few days before stepping into an airplane is always the hardest part! Forgive me Mika for being so moody all these days ūüėĬ† I have been writing about my fear of flying, but luckily couple weeks ago I started reading Eckhart Tollen’s superduper good and encouraging book, the Power of Now. I have been suffering from panic disorder a while, which has luckily calmed down a bit since my teenage years, but situations like these always makes me constantly¬†fear about the panic.¬†


Power of Now contributes to live in the present moment. It is very human that we are constantly living in some other space by our thoughts. But our mind is against us, because mind is creating fear when it cannot handle the future or past. So basically fear, anxiety, stress and disappointment arises when we cannot live in the present moment. Days before my flight, I had nausea, sweaty hands and every other physical discomfort because I was so afraid of “what if.” But why I gave my energy to something, what didn’t even exist? The truth is that my flight wasn’t even real at that time, I created everything in my mind.

I will write about living in the present moment more at later time! First I wanna tell a bit about my yoga teacher training (yeiiiii)¬† I am so¬† e x c i t e d !! I have signed up to YTT 200 (yoga teacher training 200 hours) with Santosha Yoga Insitute, in Bali. I am combining my UNI’s last internship to this teacher training program, and the training takes approx 1 month intense learning. This program allows its student to register with Yoga Alliance, which means you can teach anywhere in the whole world. And what I’ve been reading, this course will be quite life changing journey.


It is held in a small island next to Bali, and it should be uncrowded paradise, as they say ūüôā Course content is very comprehensive, we study asanas, prayanamas, yoga’s history and yoga therapy, anatomy, chackras, ayurveda and much more. I am so thrilled. I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 2-3 years now, but this is completely new for me.¬† But I¬† believe every student in there is in the same starting point, and we gonna have great spirit among us.


Sooo, prepare for lots of beach and yoga photos!! I hope you keep reading about my journey, not only to Bali, but more to myself and to¬†consciousness. And yes I’d love to read comments and thoughts from you, what you want me to write. Are you thinking to start yoga practice?

Love, J




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